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A management response to: An External Evaluation of the Start Fund Preparedness to Scale-Up 2018/9

Date added

25 March 2020


The Start Fund has an established practice of providing management response to its external, independent evaluations. Developed through a participatory process, the management response helps to ensure that the evaluations are used, contributing to the Start Funds’ effectiveness, learning, and accountability.


Start Fund constituted an Evaluation Management Response Drafting Committee, comprising of:

Three representatives from the Start Fund Strategic Committee:

  • John Birchenough from Catholic international development charity, CAFOD;
  • Jonathan Brooker from Solidarites International UK; and
  • Saba Mahmood from Islamic Relief Worldwide


  • Start Funds, Head of Funds, Lucile Brethes
  • Start Fund Manager, Lucretia Puentes
  • Start Funds MEAL Manager, Chaitali Chattopadhyay  


The drafting committee members carried out a wide-range consultation with the broader Start Fund committee members, Start Network Leadership Team and the Board members to develop a comprehensive management response to the evaluation. The document can be accessed here. 

The progress against the management response will be presented to the Start Fund Strategic Committee on a regular basis to ensure compliance and accountability towards the committed actions.

Download the paper here

This external evaluation was commissioned to ‘assess the preparedness of Start Fund to scale-up its operations and suggest future growth rate scenarios’. The overarching purpose of the evaluation is stated as two-fold:

Assess the preparedness of the Start Fund to scale up its operation; Inform the Start Fund of the appropriate scale-up considerations (including the size and growth rate scenarios).


Download the paper here