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Migration Emergency Response Fund alert fact sheet - 2018

Date added

06 August 2018


This useful guide has everything Start Network members need to know when raising an alert for the new phase of the Migration Emergency Response Fund (MERF). The new phase of the MERF is focused entirely on Africa and members of the Start Network can now respond to acute needs along the migration route. The fund is filling critical gaps in migration response within the continent, with funding on its way to members as quickly as 72 hours of an alert first being raised.

Click here to download the alert guide

What are the overall objectives of the MERF?

  • Rapidly respond to acute/emerging gaps and changes in needs along migration route
  • Provide support to the overall response system in order to give it time to adjust and adapt to new needs
  • Improve the effectiveness of the migration crisis response system
  • Improve understanding of migration trends

In which countries can you apply for MERF funding? What conditions are there to apply for MERF funding? 

Click here to download the alert guide