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Monthly Risk Briefing: August

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01 August 2018


The monthly risk briefing provides information on global weather, volcanic, human and health events where members may consider using the Start Fund’s Crisis Anticipation Window. It reports on new, emerging or deteriorating situations; therefore, ongoing events that are considered to be unchanged are not featured and risks that are beyond the scope and scale of the Start Fund are also not featured.

This monthly risk briefing is collated by the Start Network Anticipation team using information from academia and research institutes, government departments, ACAPS, global risk indexes, risk information provided by Start Members and their partners, and the media. Key risks are shared and collated each month with FOREWARN input.

Download the Monthly Risk Briefing for August

There have been reports that a volcanic eruption can happen at any time in The Democratic Republic of Congo, following an increase in the intensity of volcanic activity. With the current level of preparedness, an eruption would be disastrous, leading to loss of life, livelihoods and homes. The rainy season aproaches parts of West Africa, with increased chances of above-average rainfall in in eastern Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone, western Liberia, northern Cote D’ivoire, southern Mali, western Burkina Faso, south-eastern Niger, north-eastern Nigeria, central and southern Chad and western Sudan. Risk of flooding in these areas has been flagged as a high risk relevance. There is also an ongoing risk of landslides in northern Vietnam and in the areas close to the border with Lao PDR, with higher than average rainfall forecast for northern Lao PDR. 

Download this month's risk briefing to learn about the risk of volcanic eruption in The DRC; flooding in West Africa & Vietnam (with a possibility of landslides); outbreak of Cholera in Cameroon; election violence in Mali & political distress in Zimbabwe; drought in Central America as a result of very little rain over the past month and floods in Pakistan.

Download the Monthly Risk Briefing for August