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Protection Mainstreaming Training Package - Bengali

Date added

12 March 2018


The Protection in Practice project, part of the Disasters Emergencies Preparedness Programme, aims to build the capacity of national staff to deliver activities which ensure the protection of civilians during times of crisis, while transforming the sector’s approach to protection.

The humanitarian community, along with the United Nations as a whole, has taken critical steps in the last decade to emphasise the fundamental importance of protection in responses to humanitarian crises. Today, in view of the number of complex and concurrent emergencies, it has never been so critical for all humanitarians to ensure that their activities have a positive impact on the protection of displaced and affected populations.

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To fulfil their collective commitment to prioritise protection, humanitarians need to invest in their skills and knowledge, hence the overarching goal of this Protection Mainstreaming Training Package. Drawing on the expertise of protection actors as well as a community of best practice, the Protection Mainstreaming Training Package is the product of an extensive consultative process. It can be used for the induction of new staff, as well as for planning and team building exercises. I thus encourage humanitarians across all sectors to maximize the versatility of this tool to attain the overall goal of a more effective and appropriate response to the needs of populations affected by humanitarian crises.

This report has been translated to Bengali. It is also available to read in English, Urdu and Burmese.

Click here to download the report in Bengali