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Start Evolves Webinar: Dan McClure on the participation revolution

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20 July 2017


The Start Network’s vision is a humanitarian system in which funding will be dependable and predictable, responses are based on humanitarian need and context-appropriate. For this to become reality, the Start Network needs to evolve into a global, decentralised 'network of networks'.

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Here, Dan McClure of ThoughtWorks discusses the participation revolution, how it connects to big innovation and how the future of both are deeply intertwined. The idea of the participation revolution means that through the engagement of local actors, communities, and people on the ground, we will get a more effective humanitarian response.


In May we launched a new process called Start Evolves which is an opportunity for members and others to co-design what the Start Network will look like in future in order to deliver our vision. The ideas within the participation revolution are a core of Start Network's vision.

Download more materials about Start Evolves