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Start Fund Annual Report 2018

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23 May 2018


Now moving into its fifth year of operation, the Start Fund is the fastest collectively-owned funding mechanism in the world. It is a leading enabler of rapid, needs-driven humanitarian response for overlooked crises. Filling a critical gap in humanitarian financing, it pools funding from donors for immediate release for crises around the world. In its fourth year alone the Start Fund spent over £8.8 million responding to the unmet needs of 2,050,546 people across 44 crises in 31 countries.

Find out more about the work of the Start Fund, including our performance, how we are meeting our commitments to the Grand Bargain, our Anticipation Window, and why we hold localisation at the heart of our work.

Interactive Start Fund Annual Report 2018

Key stats from the Start Fund’s 4th year include;

  • It took on only average 65 hours from crisis alert to the award of funding, which makes the Start Fund the fastest humanitarian pool fund in the world.
  • The number of crises receiving funding in anticipation of crises increased by 67%
  • 30% of projects delivered cash programming
  • 39% of projects were implemented with at least one local partner

The Start Fund Annual Report 2018 is available to download in a short pdf version and also a long pdf version.

Interactive Start Fund Annual Report 2018