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Start Network Annual report 2017

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24 October 2018


Start Network's first annual report showcases its collective efforts to revolutionise the humanitarian aid system. Access the English report here, the report is also available in Arabic, French and Spanish.

Download the full report in English

The report looks at the network’s theory of change, how its solutions are tackling problems in the global aid system, and how its efforts in 2017 worked towards achieving its revolutionary vision to create a global network of networks.

Reporting on what the network achieved in 2017, the report covers three areas; localisation, new financing and collective innovation. Under each section the report discusses key achievements, ambitions going forward, case studies and key performance indicators, including:

Localisation: shifting power locally

18% of Start Network funding was directly distributed to southern and national organisations
Over 200 local and national organisations were involved in equitable partnerships

New financing: early, fast, collaborate and local

67 hours or less from crisis alert to funding award
100% of projects responding to crises were selected in the country or region where the crisis is

Collective innovation: innovating together to improve ways of working

9 locally based innovation labs were set up in 4 countries
9 early warning projects, including disaster risk financing and forecast-based financing projects, were created, tested or rolled out

The Start Network annual report 2017 is available in the following versions:

Start Network 2017 Annual Report Arabic PDF


Start Network 2017 Annual Report English Digital report



Start Network 2017 Annual Report English PDF



Start Network 2017 Annual Report French PDF



Start Network 2017 Annual Report Spanish PDF


Download the full report in English