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Start Network Change Model

Date added

10 May 2017


The Start Network’s change model lays out a plausible pathway for system change and to test the assumptions behind this. The change model sets out a long-term vision with a focus on supporting communities in need.

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To meet this vision, our short and medium term aims are based on one core assumption: that change will take place at all levels in the preparedness and response system and that all stakeholders will change their behaviour.

We are primarily concerned with changes within our member agencies and the stakeholders that they work with, but our aspiration is much wider: a new humanitarian system. Our change model explains who we aim to influence (at each level) and how we aim to make this change happen, whether directly or through partnerships.

Our assumptions clearly state how we believe our activities will lead to these intended changes. We also lay out change statements, inspired by our mission statement, that help us to clearly measure whether our work does actually lead to systemic change.

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