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Start Network's vision for the future - summary

Date added

14 November 2017


To prepare for the change needed in the future, the Start Network’s 42 members came together over the last six months, to co-create a vision based on our 8-year experience. This is a summary of this vision.

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The world is facing fundamental changes. Climate change, population growth, depleting natural resources, systemic interdependence and geopolitical fragmentation and division - which are combining to alter the scale and dynamics of humanitarian crises. Added to that, internal challenges in the humanitarian system mean that crisis response is slow, reactive and centralised

The Start Network's vision aims to tackle these challeges at scale by creating a new structure. Our vision includes:

  • Localisation - Responses to crises will be defined by those closest to them and based on humanitarian need
  • Risk financing - Early and predictable funding will reduce the impact of crises and the cost of responses
  • Collective innovation - A diverse group of organisations will work together to adapt to the needs of people affected by crises

Download the document