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Starting the ethical journey

Date added

08 April 2019


DEPP Innovation Labs is a two-year programme that manages several labs in four disaster-prone countries (Bangladesh, Jordan, Kenya and Philippines). Kristin Bergtora Sandvik was invited to participate as an ethics advisor to this project in January 2018. This reflection piece is the first in a three-part series that explore ethics questions faced by community-centred innovation labs.

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The objective of this academic–practitioner collaboration was to facilitate a process of joint learning and reflection. First, we wanted to make the labs more aware of ethics issues in relation to their everyday activities and help them to think through these issues. Secondly, we wanted to document and analyse this process, with the aim of building knowledge in the sector and furthering academic engagement with this field.

The following reflections are based on Kristin's initial activities undertaken with the labs: an online discussion at the website, a webinar where she gave an introduction in February 2018, and subsequent self-reporting by the labs in spring 2018. Views expressed are her own.

Download the reflections paper