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CERF Anticipatory Action Pre-Crisis Report

This report is the first of its kind on anticipatory action and collates voices of communities, shares their experiences and needs, prior to predictable risks. Some of our findings include; people demand the right to have access... Read more...

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23 September 2022

G7 Summit 2022 Advocacy and Social Media Pack

Start Network has been working with various key stakeholders and partners to influence greater change in the humanitarian system. Support our G7 calls to action as we forward working closely with local actors for more sustainable ... Read more...

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14 June 2022

ARC REPLICA : Rapports de controle mensuels des sites sentinelles au Senegal

Cette ressource fournit six rapports de mars/avril à septembre 2020 et résume la situation des moyens de subsistance des ménages par rapport à : l'agriculture et la disponibilité de l'eau, la santé des ménages, et la sécurité alim... Read more...

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11 February 2022

Enabling Anticipatory Action at Scale Policy Brief for Donor Governments

The Anticipatory Action Task Force (AATF) brings together the key agencies implementing anticipatory action on the ground. The AATF draws on a wealth of experience from implementing anticipatory action initiatives in over 60 count... Read more...

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10 September 2021

Anticipatory Action Task Force (AATF) ToR

Acting prior to a predictable hazard in order to safeguard lives and livelihoods, to reduce human suffering and losses and damages, is a faster, more efficient and more dignified response. Read more...

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10 September 2021

Information is Power: Connecting local responders to the risk information that they need

Start Network has launched Information is Power: Connecting Local Responders to the Risk Information that they Need, a paper which calls for organisations to connect people at risk of crises with forecast information, which can he... Read more...

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21 January 2021


A new series of technical discussion papers by the Start Network, the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies explores how evolving disaster risk financing (DR... Read more...

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11 November 2019


Most disasters are not unpredictable, but treating them as such leads to critical opportunities to save lives and build long term resilience being missed. Read more...

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22 September 2019