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Start Fund COVID-19 Update – 2nd edition

This document shares updates from Start Fund COVID-19 Projects being implemented by members from all across the Start Network. This second edition includes short case studies from COVID-19 response projects in Bosnia and Herzegovi... Read more...

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02 July 2020

Start Fund COVID-19 Update - 1st Edition

This document shares updates from Start Fund COVID-19 projects. This first edition includes short case studies from COVID-19 response projects in Timor Leste, Haiti, Lebanon, Peru, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Read more...

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11 June 2020

COVID19 Learning from four disease outbreak responses

At Start Network we always aim to learn from experience. So, we have endeavoured to analyse the data and information from past Start Fund responses in order to present a set of lessons for COVID-19 projects. Read more...

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16 April 2020

A management response to: An External Evaluation of the Start Fund Preparedness to Scale-Up 2018/9

The Start Fund has an established practice of providing management response to its external, independent evaluations. Developed through a participatory process, the management response helps to ensure that the evaluations&nbs... Read more...

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25 March 2020


This external evaluation was commissioned to ‘assess the preparedness of Start Fund to scale-up its operations and suggest future growth rate scenarios’. The overarching purpose of the evaluation is stated as two-fold:  As... Read more...

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25 March 2020

Mongolia: anticipation of harsh winter

Mongolia is unique. 30% of the population earn their livelihoods from herding livestock, leading a traditional nomadic life to enable their animals to access pasture throughout the year. Weather conditions can be extremely harsh, ... Read more...

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11 February 2020


The Start Fund is a collective mechanism, allowing Start Network members to access rapid financing for crisis anticipation and response. Its focus is on underfunded small to medium scale crises, spikes in chronic humanitarian emer... Read more...

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19 December 2019

Navigating uncertainty: An approach for Start Fund decision-makers

Start Fund decision-makers face varying levels of uncertainty when making allocation and project selection decisions, particularly when making decisions around anticipation alerts or in the early stages of a crisis. How we navigat... Read more...

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18 October 2018

Increasing resilience to natural disasters with cash-based interventions

This report from Catholic Relief Services funded through the Start Fund learning grant, identifies best practices and highlights the lessons learnt following the completion of projects within Alert 195 Vietnam (Typhoon D... Read more...

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09 July 2018

Lessons from a 45-day intervention in eastern DRC

This 'value for money' report from Solidarites International identifies several lessons learnt from the completion of ‘Alert 194 DRC (Cholera)’ and highlights the fundamental value about the impact of the Start Fund for the respon... Read more...

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29 June 2018