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How has Shifting the Power influenced local and national partner's response to emergencies?

Shifting the Power (StP) is a three-year project that aims to strengthen the capacity and influence of local and national humanitarian actors, and to contribute to the development of a more balanced humanitarian system. StP is ... Read more...

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26 February 2018

Localisation of Aid: Are INGOs Walking The Talk?

A new publication from the Shifting the Power project looks at whether and how INGOs following their own rhetoric of localising humanitarian aid. Read more...

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30 October 2017

The Future of Humanitarian Action in Pakistan

More than 130 participants from national and international civil society organisations, donors, UN agencies and government officials attended the conference to explore what an ideal future for humanitarian action in Pakistan might... Read more...

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19 September 2017

Going the extra mile: Bangladesh Localisation Review

In order to establish a baseline on the state of localisation in the Start Fund and humanitarian sector in Bangladesh more generally, the Start Fund Bangladesh commissioned this external review. Read more...

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19 August 2017

The Start Fund, Start Network and Localisation

Localisation is a foundational and non-negotiable principle within the Start Network. This report presents a ‘baseline assessment’ of where the Start Fund and three DEPP projects currently sits with the‘localisation agen... Read more...

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03 August 2017

Impact Report 2016

This report is the first of its kind for the Start Network and the first report in the humanitarian sector that showcases what can be accomplished through system-change initiatives. It tells the story of what system change looks l... Read more...

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09 May 2017

Our voice at Istanbul - Outcomes from the conference for civil society

In Nairobi in February 2016, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy co-hosted a global conference, with Kenya Red Cross Society and Start Network, for civil society. Read more...

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11 May 2016