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Drought insurance for early response

This report outlines the design of a new funding mechanism that will ensure more timely humanitarian response to emerging drought-induced food and livelihood crises. The design of this mechanism was carried out through joint partn... Read more...

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25 May 2015

How can donor requirements be reformed to strengthen local capacity?

This paper has been written to inform discussion between donors, the United Nations and NGOs about an emerging tension between two important goals: building local capacity and managing programmatic risk. Read more...

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10 May 2015

Power & Politics

This is the second case study developed on behalf of the Start Network. The series is designed to capture the emerging story of the Consortium and draw out some useful lessons about collaboration.  Read more...

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02 March 2015

The Start Fund 2014 Global Report

This report, written for Donors, Members and stakeholders, provides evidence and analysis of the Start Fund performance over 2014. Read more...

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02 February 2015

Evaluation of the Start Fund Design and Build phase

The Start Fund is a multi-donor pooled funding mechanism that consists of a network of international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and provides small-scale funding (up to £300k per organisation over a 45 day window) to fro... Read more...

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08 January 2015

Spotlight on the Start Fund: The unexpected impact of insecurity, access and health facility closures

From July to September 2014, the Start Fund responded to humanitarian needs following conflict and displacement in Yemen. International Medical Corps implemented a health intervention, integrated with some nutrition activities. Read more...

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22 October 2014

Using video to engage children in the fight against cholera in Cameroon

Plan staff discovered how effective video can be in engaging girls and boys, men and women to tackle diseases like cholera. Read more...

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06 October 2014

Dealing with Paradox

A case study about the first three years of the Start Network, formally the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies. Read more...

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01 July 2014

12 August 2013

Core Humanitarian Competencies Guide

Humanitarian capacity building throughout the employee life cycle.

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20 October 2011