Transforming Surge Capacity

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Asia is the most disaster-prone region in the world, compelling aid agencies to use their regional emergency response capacity more effectively. Indeed, experiences from Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and the 2015 Nepal Earthquake showed the limitations of international mechanisms often used by international NGOs.

The Transforming Surge Capacity project is exploring more collaborative and localised approaches to surge. In Asia, that means establishing mechanisms that utilise existing capacities within the region more effectively, before relying on international surge. Benefits of regional surge include speed of deployment, better cost-effectiveness and high-quality relief support, as responders from within Asia often have a deeper understanding of local cultures and languages.

The Asia Regional Platform is bringing together seven international aid agencies in Asia. By fostering collaboration and trust, the platform aims to make best use of available surge resources in the region and improve the effectiveness of responses to disaster-affected communities.



What the regional platform is delivering

The platform has created Go Team Asia, a shared roster of humanitarian responders from 7 international NGOs based in Asia. The roster provides NGOs access to a larger pool of response specialists, and allows them to share their own experts with others, leading to a more efficient use of staff capacity in the entire sector.

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Go Team Asia members’ location in Asia, and Asia-specific experience allow swift and high quality deployments. Go Team Asia also provides responders the opportunity to gain professional experience outside of their base country, making membership of the roster an exciting capacity-building opportunity. Roster members undergo an extensive surge-specific training that allows them to harness their soft skills in humanitarian response. 

The Asia Regional Platform also facilitates learning events, joint trainings, simulations and increased collaboration between member agencies on surge.


Who is involved

ActionAid, Christian Aid, CARE, Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid, Plan International and Save the Children are all part of the Asia Regional Platform, which is currently being led from Bangkok by Plan International.


Key contacts

Lisa Joerke, Regional Platform Coordinator

Hamad Latif, Regional Roster Coordinator

Or contact Qadeer Abdilleh, Project and Communications Assistant


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