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National Funds - Piloting a Start Fund in Bangladesh

In the future the Start Network will operate through a decentralised model, with national funds allowing local and national NGOs direct access to this civil society fund. The first pilot of this way of working is the Start Fund Bangladesh, which over the course of four years aims to put more support and funding in the hands of national and local responders.

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Start Fund Bangladesh

In early 2016 DFID Bangladesh approached the Start Network to ask whether we would be interested in the idea of setting up a national version of the Start Fund in Bangladesh. Working together with our members in-country, Start submitted a concept note in June 2016. It has the provision to become a truly nationally owned fund, with access to national and local NGOs, working to respond to crises in Bangladesh within 72 hours. We are looking at a four-year project with a total value of £10 million, of which around £8.5 million will be for crisis disbursements.
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In order to establish a baseline on the state of localisation in the Start Fund and humanitarian sector in Bangladesh more generally, the Start Fund Bangladesh commissioned this external review.



The Start Fund, Start Network and Localisation

Localisation is a foundational and non-negotiable principle within the Start Network. This report presents a ‘baseline assessment’ of where the Start Fund and three DEPP projects currently sits with the‘localisation agenda’.