Fostering innovation in the humanitarian sector

Start Labs is a collectively-owned incubator that aims to foster innovation in the humanitarian sector. It supports the development and piloting of new solutions to enable earlier, faster and more effective response to humanitarian crises.


Catalysing change for greater impact

When crisis strikes, solutions are all too often late, insufficient, poor quality or absent. We want that to change. We want to see innovation, both radical and incremental, because we want to strengthen the aid system, making it proactive and flexible in its approach and therefore more effective and efficient.


A reactive business model

Lack of resources to develop and share ideas

Funding is tightly controlled to avoid perceived risks


New financial mechanisms

will create a proactive model for NGOs

Collective access to partners

and funding to test new ideas

The time and space to learn

will help to change policies


Developing and testing new humanitarian solutions

We trial new ways of working before introducing them to the field. Innovations we invest in can be taken to scale by our members and their local partners. Support from our members means we have a higher tolerance for risk and can explore opportunities that individual NGOs would not be able to approach by themselves. Below we explain more about the innovations we have launched and ones in development.

Latest news

Blog Post

Reuters article on the Drought Financing Facility:

A Reuters article explores the Start Network's Drought Financing Facility initiative in Pakistan and how it could result in more rapid, effective and large-scale response to protect drought-hit communities.


Blog Post

Disaster financing debate

When an insurance policy for a severe drought in Malawi didn't pay out in 2015, the result was of great consequence to poor Malawians. Emily Montier asks what did we learn from the experience?


Blog Post

From East Africa to Pakistan…

Emily Montier and a group of ten NGOs meet in Pakistan to work on prototyping a new financing facility, designed to release funds for early action in emerging droughts.  


News Article

Start Network and Pakistan government collaborate on new way to finance drought response

Start Network members have begun working with Pakistan’s disaster authority to develop a new way of funding preventative action, aimed at helping vulnerable families threatened by drought.


OUR PARTNERS and funders

Helping us catalyse change in the sector

Helping us scope, develop and pilot innovations.

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