717 Sierra Leone (Anticipation of Electoral tensions)

Anticipation of Civil Unrest due to Elections

  • Country: Sierra Leone

  • Crisis cause: Civil Unrest

  • Crisis type: Sociological


Alert cycle

23 Jun 23

Crisis start

31 May 23, 09:30


Alert summary: Anticipation of Civil Unrest due to Elections

£350,000 Recommended amount

Alert type: Anticipatory

01 Jun 23, 11:00

Allocation decision

Decision summary: The allocation committee unanimously decided to activate Alert 717 as it thought it fit the Start Fund anticipatory niche, as a forecasted medium scale crisis. The committee thought the alert note…

£250,000Allocation amount

Decision making committee: Start Fund Committee

07 Jun 23, 11:45

Project selection

Meeting summary: The Committee recognised the strengths of the three submitted proposals but found that the proposal submitted by ActionAid (P.3) would have the broadest impact. The Committee considered that this…

£245,474 Total amount

Agencies funded: ActionAid

12 Sep 23

Learning meeting

Projects & reporting

Agencies funded: ActionAid



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