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10 years of Start Fund

This year marks a decade of impact for Start Network's Start Fund. Launched in 2014, the Start Fund has become a vital mechanism, empowering our circa 100 member organisations to deliver swift and anticipatory humanitarian action around the world.


  • Over £125 million disbursed: Thanks to the unwavering support of our donors, the Start Fund has channelled critical funding to where it is needed most.
  • 76 countries reached: We've enabled a rapid response to many events and helped communities anticipate crises globally.
  • Frontline action by our members: Our member organisations, with their local expertise, have been instrumental in delivering life-saving assistance during critical times.

The Start Fund's innovative pooled funding model allows us to:

  • Respond quickly to small and medium-scale crises that often fall under the radar of traditional aid mechanisms.
  • Support anticipatory action, enabling communities to prepare for and mitigate the impact of impending disasters.
  • Strengthen local capacities and resources by allocating more funding for local organisations


As part of the Start Fund's anniversary, we look back at the humanitarian crises we've faced and responded to, highlighting the valuable support of our donors, the incredible dedication of staff, and the invaluable work of our members.

What is Start Fund?

Join us on a 10-week campaign as we explore what has driven the success of Start Fund in the past decade. Each week, we dive into a key achievement, highlighting our accomplishments that have fueled us to do more.

Top 10 wins of #StartFundat10

To celebrate a decade of impact, we revisit the Start Fund's journey through 10 ways we are making an impact in the humanitarian sector.

Small and medium-scale crises, often overlooked due to a widening funding gap, disproportionately impact the world's at-risk populations. The Start Fund fills a critical gap in the humanitarian aid system, and enables agencies to leverage further funding as a result of Start Fund-supported projects.

The humanitarian sector must move towards delivering effective, appropriate, and dignified support through locally led action. Start Fund operates on the principle of decentralised decision-making by shifting processes closer to affected communities.

Humanitarian assistance is often slow. Over the last 10 years, the Start Fund has proven its timeliness and effectiveness, allowing us to deliver things at speed and reach more people in need.

Humanitarians need to prioritise anticipatory action alongside response, saving lives before crises and building community resilience. Start Fund enables this by supporting early action and preparedness through various programming that forward anticipatory action.

Start Fund's innovative approach empowers communities and members and ensures high-quality projects that put trust and accountability at the core of decision-making and partnership-building.

The Start Fund promotes collaboration across and between humanitarian actors, communities, and governments. We must champion close collaboration to provide impactful humanitarian action.

National Start Funds continue to model flexible, locally-led crisis response, inspiring a more effective humanitarian approach.

To bridge the funding gap, humanitarians need to learn to fail fast and forward. Start Fund fosters innovation by supporting members through learning approaches that allow them to be creative and inventive.

Humanitarians need to adapt to the increasing intensity, frequency, and types of crises we face. Start Fund is an agile mechanism that allows actors to prepare for what may come in the next years.

Start Fund was born out of the desire to change the slow and traditional humanitarian system. We are eager to continue what we’ve started and be ahead of trends to support our members and the wider system.


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