PIANGO Executive Director Emeline Ilolahia, at the 1st UN Pacific Forum on Business and Human Rights

Learn & Change

As we pioneer new ways of working, we are continually learning. We review what we do, record what we have learnt, and share this across our network.

Growing our knowledge

Start Network’s history of innovation puts us in a unique position because of the evaluation, learning, and reflection that follows each of our activities. This created a strong knowledge base that we can share with our members, partners, and the wider humanitarian sector.

By building our collective knowledge and skills, we create the tools and opportunities for our members and their local partners to learn and grow. As this locally led action and problem-solving increases across our network, we can all learn from each other.

We also use this experience and knowledge in our advocacy work: demonstrating from the evidence what humanitarian action could and should be, inspiring people, and encouraging others to follow in our footsteps.