Small grants

Details of small grants available for Start Network members.

Beyond rapid response and anticipatory financing Start Network also offers members a variety of smaller grant mechanisms to support organisational growth, learning and development in other ways. These can be one-off funding opportunities, rolling grants and vary in size and duration. Eligibility to some grants may also be dependent on the tier level of the member. To learn more about some of our currently active small grants and recently closed grants please read below.

Hub Incubation Fund

Start Network is committed to investing in hub initiatives. We have launched the Hub Incubation Fund for this purpose.

Learning grant

Funding for learning initiatives related to funded responses, which go beyond the operational project level.

Analysis for Action grant

This grant is designed to enable agencies to better understand a potential crisis, to decide whether to raise an anticipation…

Anticipation Tool grant

These grants enable Start Network members to access up to £40,000 for developing analysis tools to support anticipation of…

Start Fund – Global

This fund provides rapid humanitarian funding to underfunded small and medium scale crises, forecasts of crises and spikes in…

SKILL grant

Grants of up to £15,000 for local members that support research and peer learning are being piloted from June 2021 to…