Start Network and stakeholders gathering to discuss anticipatory action approaches
Start Network and stakeholders gathering to discuss anticipatory action approaches © Start Network

Governance bodies

The Start Network is governed by its Board of Trustees, which takes its steer from the membership, represented by the Assembly. 

Board of Trustees 

The Board takes its steer from the membership and is accountable to the network’s members. 

The Board is responsible for implementing our agreed strategy as well as all other governance matters, such as cost-effectiveness and efficiency, brand protection, and oversight of the sub-committees, the Start Network Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Finance and Operations Officer. 

The Board:

  • oversees sub-committees and team performance
  • provides strategic steer
  • approves the annual business plan and budget
  • considers new programmes and services.

We believe that our decisions should be transparent, so we make summary Board minutes available to download.


Board members:

SANJAYAN SRIKANTHAN Chair of the Board, CEO, Shelterbox (independent)

NOREEN GUMBO Vice-Chair of the Board, Head of Humanitarian Programmes, Trocaire (member)

MOHAMMED NADEEM Compliance Specialist (independent)

GLYN ISHERWOOD Treasurer, CFO, BBC (independent)

ANWER IQBAL CFO, HANDS (Health And Nutrition Development Society) (member)

OENONE CHADBURN Head of Humanitarian & Resilience Team, Tearfund (member)

MUHAMMAD AMAD Executive Director of Initiative for Development and Empowerment Axis (IDEA) (member)


MALCOLM SPENCE Managing Director, Public Sector Team, Global Innovation Fund (independent)

BINNY PRABHAKAR (independent)



Start Network’s Assembly is made up of representatives from each member organisation. It sets the network’s strategic direction and acts as a sounding board for ideas about our evolution. Its primary role is an advisory one, but the Assembly has three important governance responsibilities:

  • appointing or removing trustees, and overseeing the Board’s performance
  • appointing or removing network members
  • approving any changes to the Start Network’s membership policy. 


There are seven sub-committees to the Board, which have delegated decision-making authority.



Chair: Glyn Isherwood

Members: Anwer Iqbal (member trustee, HANDS), Kevin Noone (independent), Foluke Mogaji (independent), Gillian Sheeran (independent) 

Advises the Board and team on financial operations, audit and risk management. Responsibilities include:
oversight on all financial matters, including the annual accounts, budgeting and financial management
identifying and understanding all financial risks to the Start Network. 



Chair: Muhammad Amad (member trustee IDEA)

Members: Oenone Chadburn (member trustee, Tearfund), Andrew Kavala (independent), Rhea Tariq (CAFOD)

Oversees the evolution of the network and its membership, guided by the principle of locally-led action. This includes:

  • recommending the appointment of new members
  • overseeing the development of the hubs' operational model
  • maintaining and reviewing the Membership Policy, including annual membership contributions and fee structures.



Chair: Noreen Gumbo (member trustee)

Members: Sanjayan Srikanthan (independent trustee), Dan Francis (independent)

Appoints individuals to the Board, ensuring a good balance of skills across the trustees. Responsibilities include:
recommending the skills and experience that should be sought in the nomination and election of trustees
leading the election process when there are vacancies that need to be filled. 



Chair: Sanjayan Srikanthan (independent trustee)

Members: Glyn Isherwood (independent trustee), Benjamin Laniado (member trustee), Sarah Pelicaric (CAFOD)

Advises on:

  • the development and implementation of the Start Network's People Strategy
  • other policies and procedures relating to human resources such as personnel and performance management and staff remuneration.



Chair: Mohammed Nadeem (independent trustee)

Members: Grace Muhia-Chege (independent), Kevin Noone (independent), Annie Murthi (independent)

Assists the Board in fulfilling its corporate oversight responsibilities in relation to Start Network’s:

  • risk appetite statement
  • risk management strategy 
  • associated framework and functions. 



Chair: Vrinda Dar (Relief International)

Members: War Child UK, Qatar Charity, Mercy Corps, GOAL, SEEDS India, Christian Aid UK, Oxfam GB, Action Aid

Oversees the management, operation and strategy of the Start Fund. Provides strategic advice to the Board, particularly around the principles and processes for decision making. The Start Fund Committee:

  • makes decisions on funding allocations
  • stewards the progression of the project selection procedures
  • participates in associated learning and evaluation peer reviews. 



Chair and Vice Chair: Kazi Hoque (Friendship NGO), Audrey Onsomu (independent)

Members: Chiara Ambrosino (Plan International UK), Oenone Chadburn (member trustee, Tearfund), Syed Sulaiman (Concern), Sandra Miguel (ASECSA), Gang Karume (Rebuild Hope for Africa), Issack Maalim (NEXUS), Andrew Jinks (independent)

Oversees the management, operation and strategy of Start Ready. Makes key decisions around Start Ready funding, including:

  • pre-positioning funds across risks, countries and financial instruments
  • allocating build costs to countries for developing disaster risk financing systems.


Other governing bodies

Start Fund Council 

The Start Fund Council brings together all Start Fund donors to review their investment in the Fund. The council has direct governance oversight over the risk management of the Start Fund. It reviews and endorses Start Fund policy on an annual basis.