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Following the success of last year’s Start Fund COVID-19 response in Nepal, Start Network members are piloting a country-based contingency fund to respond rapidly to, and in anticipation of, small to medium-scale crises in the country.

Funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), this member-led funding mechanism has been designed and implemented by local, national, and international organisations to support the most vulnerable crises affected and at-risk affected community. 

This national fund is promoting localization in response and crisis anticipation from the very beginning with effective representation of Local and National NGOs (LNNGOs) in decision-making roles and channels most of its funds to these organizations through INGOs. 

Recently Start Fund Nepal has added a new scope: Forecast-based, Warning, Analysis, and Response Network (FOREWARN) which will further accommodate non-member, multi-disciplinary actors of Nepal working in the fields related to disaster risk analysis and management, but primarily crisis anticipation and early action.

How Start Fund Nepal Works

Modeled on the global Start Fund mechanism, Start Fund Nepal ensures rapid and anticipatory funding to the affected people through its swift decision-making (within 72 hours) and its programmatic reach on the ground within 7 days. This fund is channeled through our member humanitarian agencies who forward:

  • Competitive and inclusive participation 

  • Transparent, neutral, and collective decision making  

  • Adopting the Start Fund niche  

Start Fund Nepal Membership and Governance

Start Fund Nepal was initially a 21-member organization with 6 LNNGOs during its first phase and was later expanded to accommodate 16 LNNGOs and 16 INGOs making a total of 32 member organizations.  

These LNGOs were selected based on their humanitarian experience, geographical and thematic coverages, capacity to participate, and existing partnerships with other members. This holistic participation helps to ensure effective representation of the interests of the I/LNNGOs, promote ownership and accountability of the fund, and eventually allow them to access direct funding to all member LNGOs also in the future.  

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