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Start Fund Bangladesh (SFB) is a £10m rapid emergency response fund that was created in 2017 with support from UK Aid. Modelled on the Start Network’s successful Start Fund, which activates funding within 72 hours of a crisis alert, it fills a crucial gap in humanitarian funding. 

Start Fund Bangladesh is accessible to local, national, and international member non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in Bangladesh to respond early to under-the-radar emergencies.

SFB was built on the spirit of the Grand Bargain and World Humanitarian Summit commitments. In addition to responding to the country’s many underfunded small to medium-sized crises, it also focuses on enhancing coordination mechanisms; increasing representation of local and national agencies in decision-making fora; strengthening systems through which local/national agencies can access and manage funds; and improving accountability to affected populations.

Since its inception, SFB has purposefully grown from a membership of 20 international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) to include 27 local and national organisations (L/NNGOs), through a comprehensive mapping and due diligence process. As a result, this membership-driven funding mechanism supports humanitarian responses that are participatory, transparent, and accountable to affected communities. It requires diverse humanitarian stakeholders to come together for every crisis, allowing responses to be informed, coordinated, and community-centric.

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