Stories of Flood Response and Recovery from Sunamganj

In 2022, Bangladesh experienced one of its most devastating floods in the North-western region, affecting over 7.2 million people. In response to this disaster, numerous humanitarian agencies mobilized, and four Start Fund Bangladesh alerts were activated. Member agencies provided immediate assistance such as cash aid, search and rescue operations, hygiene supplies, and more.

However, as time passed, it became evident that affected communities required early recovery support, signaling a shift from immediate humanitarian response to recovery efforts. Recognizing this need, both member agencies in Bangladesh and Start Fund Bangladesh initiated the Early Recovery Window of SFB. This project aimed to assist communities through cash aid, cash-for-work programs, shelter grants, improvements in the WASH system (including latrines and tube wells), and livelihood support. The Center for Natural Resource Studies (CNRS) in Sunamganj implemented this project, benefiting a total of 7,500 individuals. Funding for this initiative was provided by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.