Start Network is a network of aid agencies across the world, working together to revolutionise the global humanitarian system.

Start Network is made up of more than 90 non-governmental organisations across five continents, ranging from large international organisations to local and national NGOs. Our programmes allow members to deliver humanitarian action around the world.

Our mission is to create a new era of humanitarian action that will save even more lives. We aren’t driven by media headlines or political will, we’re here for the communities affected by and at risk of crises. 

How we work

We’re tackling what we believe to be the biggest systemic problems in the humanitarian sector as it stands, including centralised power and decision making, slow and reactive funding, and an aversion to change. 

Problems like this mean that people affected by crises around the world are suffering because they do not receive the help they need fast enough or, in some cases, at all.  And often the help is delivered without the dignity and accountability that people deserve. 

Through locally led action, innovation and early and rapid financing, we aim to change this –  so that people on the frontline of crisis can themselves provide early, effective responses when and before crises strike.

Start Network’s vision is for a locally led humanitarian system that is accountable to people affected by and at risk of…

We are a global organisation focused on locally led action. Our membership includes more than 90 organisations, working…

Start Fund Bangladesh member Jago Nari conducting a meeting with communities
Jago Nari Bangladesh

Governance and assurance

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of transparency, accountability and competent management over the public…

In 2020 we were proud to celebrate our anniversary and the change our network has delivered in the past 10 years.