Cadena's response through the Start Fund
CADENA's response through the Start Fund © CADENA


Our innovative family of funds includes risk-based, anticipatory, and rapid response financing, providing critical support when and where it is most needed.

A new approach to funding

We provide fast, collaborative, and proactive funding based on need, rather than media headlines or politics. This way, we can help humanitarian responders and communities affected by crises to be better prepared when disasters hit.


Our family of funds

Our family of funds includes many different financial instruments, allowing us to respond to needs in the most effective way. Early and rapid financing is key to each of them – creating a new way of preparing for crises, using locally-led early action that will make communities more resilient.

The best known of our funds is the Start Fund, which has been providing contingency funding for under-the-radar, small to medium-scale crises since Start Network began. The original global fund is now joined by national Start Funds, managed by national and local member organisations.

In 2021, we launched Start Ready, a unique risk-pooling mechanism aimed at predicting crises worldwide. We are also working on other new forms of planned and pre-agreed funding, such as insurance.

As we develop our funds, we are making these more easily accessible to organisations working in the countries that need them. Many funds are now paid directly to local and national organisations and managed by them.