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This year marks a decade of impact for Start Network's Start Fund. Launched in 2014, the Start Fund has become a vital mechanism, empowering our circa 100 member organisations to deliver swift and anticipatory humanitarian action around the world.

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Strategy 2024-2026

We are excited to launch our organisational strategy for 2024-2026. The focus for the next three years reaffirms our commitment to humanitarian system change, modelled through practical action.

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A more balanced international humanitarian system that shifts power to those closest to the frontline will generate more effective and appropriate support for communities affected by crises.

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A new era of humanitarian action

Start Network is made up of more than 90 humanitarian agencies across five continents, ranging from large international organisations to national NGOs

About Start Network

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Crisis alerts we respond to around the world.

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        HNPW 2023

        Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) 2024

        We will be at this year’s Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) to showcase learning from our programmes and advocate for more locally led and anticipatory action in the humanitarian sector.

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        Our new fund aims to increase the amount of humanitarian funding to local and national actors in Ukraine, resulting in locally led humanitarian action reaching people in need.

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        Areas of work

        Start Network’s vision is for a more balanced international aid system that is accountable to people affected by or at risk of crises.

        Start Network is based on innovation: looking for new ways to create the system change that will shape a more effective humanitarian system.

        Where we work



        • Guatemala

          Guatemala Hub

          The hub has 11 local and national member organisations that are all community-based.

        • Venezuela

          Flooding in South America

          Intense rains caused ravines to overflow and water systems to collapse in Venezuela.

        • Central and South America

          Start Fund Response

          Start Fund provides rapid response funding to under-the-radar, small to medium-scale crises, filling a critical gap in the humanitarian aid system.



        • Ukraine

          The need for a more equitable humanitarian response

          Start Network's approach to the Ukraine crisis is based on learning from other larger-scale crises that the Start Fund has responded to in the past.

        • Serbia, Bulgaria

          Migration Emergency Response Fund

          The objective of the MERF was to rapidly respond to acute and emerging gaps and changes in needs along migration route.

        • Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia

          European Refugee Response

          Start Network co-ordinated a two phase response to the European Refugee Crisis through ERR1 and ERR2.



        • DRC

          DRC Hub

          The hub brings together nearly 60 local, national, and international organisations in DRC.

        • DRC, Senegal, Zimbabwe

          Start Ready

          Start Ready is a unique financing mechanism that uses advanced planning so that funding can be rapidly released when needed most.

        • Zimbabwe, Senegal

          ARC Replica

          ARC Replica is a partnership with African Risk Capacity and African Union member states that helps African countries proactively manage climate-related risks through disaster risk insurance.



        • Bangladesh, Nepal

          National Start Funds

          National Start Funds are there to finance locally led humanitarian action, with members managing their own funds for the benefit of their own communities.

        • India


          The India Humanitarian Hub (IHH) prioritises locally led action and leadership by bringing together local, national, and international humanitarian agencies that are operational in India.

        • The Philippines, Bangladesh


          The Forecast-based, Warning, Analysis, and Response Network aims to quickly bring together the right people to predict disasters and support humanitarians closest to an anticipated crisis.



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