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Leading for change in humanitarian aid

About us

Start Network is made up of 42 national and international aid agencies from five continents.
Our aim is to deliver effective aid, harnessing the power and knowledge of the network to make faster and better decisions to help people affected by crises. We are developing more effective ways to work together, and new approaches that will reduce the scale of human suffering.
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Increasing surge capacity through Asia regional platform

Atif Sohail has more than 9 years of experience in programme management and monitoring and evaluation in emergencies (in Pakistan). Previously he was working with Muslim Aid Pakistan and is now working with Christian Aid to manage their response in Nigeria, through the Go Team Asia shared humanitarian roster.


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Reflections on the Migration Emergency Response Fund – one year on

Start Network's Hara Caracostas reviews how the Migration Emergency Response Fund (MERF) has met the complexities of the mixed migration crisis and how this affected the implementation of a rapid response mechanism.


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Video: A new way to think about localisation

The Start Network has launched a new video outlining a new way to think about localisation, the video aims to show a practical structure that could improve the position of local organisations within international aid.


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Localisation: lenses and lessons from feminist theory

Start Network’s David Jones discusses the fundamental needs for localisation within the sector.


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About Us

Leading for change in humanitarian aid

We believe that the system of humanitarian aid that has operated for the past 70 years is no longer working as it should. Our aim is to challenge that system and to help it to change. We call what we’re aiming for a “new humanitarian economy” – a system that reduces the power of centralised institutions and bureaucrats and gives more control to communities and individuals on the front line of every crisis.
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An international network

Today the Start Network extends to 42 members and their 7000 partner organisations, employing more than a quarter million people across 200 countries and territories.Read more

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