Start Fund Nepal External Evaluation

Start Fund Nepal is a collectively managed rapid financing and response mechanism, developed in Nepal by international Start Network members (15) and local national NGOs (currently 16) across the country with support from the global Start Fund. It is a member-led, pooled, rapid-response fund that aims to fill crucial gap in emergency humanitarian funding. Start Fund Nepal was launched in June 2021, with support from the United Kingdom (UK) Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and its first pilot year (Phase I) ended in March 2022, following which the exposure and coverage of the fund has grown significantly. Phase II of Start Fund Nepal started in April 2022 and is scheduled to conclude in June 2024.

An evaluation of Start Fund Nepal was held in March/April 2024 with a main objective to evaluate the performance of Start Fund Nepal as a funding mechanism from inception to present (Phase I and II).