Start Fund – Global

The global Start Fund provides rapid humanitarian funding to underfunded small and medium scale crises, forecasts of impending crises and spikes in chronic humanitarian crises. 


Grant Name: Global Start Fund

Grant type: For interventions in anticipation or response to small-medium scale humanitarian crisis

Deadline date: Rolling

Status: Open

Grant duration: 45 days (up to 60 days for countries with local/ national Start Network members)

Amount available: up to £300,000 per member agency per crisis alert (Up to £60,000 for member agencies placed on Tier 2)

Open to: Start Network agencies 


The Start Fund is collectively owned and managed by Start Network member agencies; all allocation and project selection decisions are made by member agencies and local in-country member agencies and partner organisations.

Any member can identify a crisis that they think is suitable for the Start Fund. An alert can be raised by a single member or by several members acting together. Members are highly encouraged to coordinate and collaborate at the first stage of raising an alert. Members can do so by utilising the relevant Start Fund Country Skype Group to coordinate with members.

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