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All hubs meeting © Start Network

The Network

Our members are the lifeblood of our organisation. Our vision is that many more organisations, big and small, will join our network, across more and more countries.

Our members are a highly diverse group, ranging from small NGOs to large international organisations. Some have specific niches and areas of expertise while others cover the whole spectrum of humanitarian assistance. Together they make Start Network what it is today.

Start Network enables NGOs to access fast and dependable funding to respond to under-the-radar crises or to plan for predictable crises. Members can also access business models, tools and resources that are not usually available to single organisations.

As Start Network evolves, the way our members work together is also changing. The network is shifting to a new structure based on national and regional hubs. This is a step in a new direction which will ensures that local members have equity in power and decision making, access to resources, and voice and visibility.

The development of Start Network so far would not be possible without the generosity of our partners and funders. Being part of a network allows donors to invest in multiple NGOs through a single point of entry. Their support, in turn, enables us to achieve greater scale and reach, increasing engagement, participation and collaboration across the humanitarian system.

Join a growing global movement to help bring about crucial change to the humanitarian system and save even more lives.

Our members

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Our members make Start Network what it is today. Together they experiment with new and innovative ways of working in the…