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Charter4Change: is progress being made?

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On behalf of the Charter4Change secretariat, we would like to share the following survey opportunity.

The annual meeting of Charter4Change will be held in December in Denmark. Since last year, the secretariat has been conducting surveys with the endorsers to collect their perception on the progress being made by the signatories on their commitments. Surprisingly, the survey has identified substantial disparities between the perception of signatories and endorsers. This has helped the coordination group of Charter4Change to reflect on the disparities and take appropriate steps for amending the localisation strategy. 

The secretariat is repeating the survey this year also, findings of which will be discussed during the annual meeting. We are sharing the survey links (in English and in French). This survey is not confined to C4C endorsers as the secretariat wants to reach out to as many local/national actors as possible:

Endorsers' survey link (English version)

Endorsers' survey link (French version)

Charter4Change is looking to localise humanitarian aid. It is an initiative led by both national and international NGOs, to practically implement changes to the way the humanitarian system operates to enable more locally-led response.

Read more about Charter4Change.

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