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Second instalment of Start Network story with PBA now online

  • by Startnetwork
  • 09 Mar 15

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‘Power & Politics: The Consortium-building Story continues’, a case study charting the successes and challenges of brokering the Start Network since July 2013, is now available online. This case study has been written collaboratively with the Partnership Brokers Association, who have played an on-going advisory role to the Start Network's central Team.

This is the second instalment, following ‘Dealing with Paradox: Stories and Lessons from the First Three Years of Consortium-Building’, published in 2013. The first case study was well received and has since provided a vital resource to partnership brokers worldwide working in non-traditional and complex collaborations. This document is available to download from our resources page.

We warmly welcome feedback on the second instalment, which is available for download here and on the Partnership Brokers Association website.

Over a year has passed since the publication of the first case study and it is time for a re-visit. That it has been turbulent is clear – a great deal has happened and the picture is now, in some ways, very different... There is no doubt that there are exciting, possibly turbulent, definitely ambitious and potentially innovative times ahead. With so many internal and external factors in play, not even the most far-sighted can know whether the inherent paradoxes will prove insurmountable or will continue to give the Consortium the challenge it needs to re-frame the game and make a serious difference to those that need it most

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