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Qatar Charity welcomed into membership of the Start Network

  • 06 Feb 18

Qatar Charity meeting with the Start Network on Tuesday 6th February

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Start Network is to welcome Qatar Charity into its membership at a meeting being held today .

Start Network aims to change the current international system of humanitarian aid and deliver more effective aid to support people affected by crises. It is developing innovative ways for aid agencies to work together, with new forms of financing and methods to give local organisations greater decision-making power and funding. Start Network’s impartial approach is grounded in its commitment to universally shared humanitarian ideals, such as those enshrined in international humanitarian law.

Qatar Charity is an organisation that is dedicated to carrying out humanitarian programmes with vulnerable communities regardless of faith, race, gender or political beliefs. It joins the Start Network because of its vision to innovate, and because of its commitment to the humanitarian values shared with the organisations within the network.

Sean Lowrie, Director of Start Network said: “We welcome Qatar Charity and the fresh perspective and expertise it will bring to the Start Network, as we lead for change in humanitarian aid. We are a growing movement with a shared belief that the current system is not fit for purpose. Our newest member and its commitment to internationally recognised humanitarian values are central to the Start Network’s ethos and the driving force behind our work to improve the international aid system.

Yousuf Bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Charity expressed his gratitude following the approval of the organisation’s membership and noted that Qatar Charity has the experience of more than a quarter of a century in humanitarian work. He added “Qatar Charity also actively works with many international humanitarian organizations and institutions, which resulted in the signing of more than 93 partnership and cooperation agreements so far.”

The Start Network is made up of 42 aid agencies across five continents, ranging from large international organisations to national NGOs. Qatar Charity joined Start Network in February 2016 as observers, and in November 2017, it was granted full membership by the Start Network Board of Directors on the basis that all membership conditions are met.

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