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Start Network sets up decision making group in Nairobi

  • by Startnetwork
  • 17 Feb 16

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Yesterday in Nairobi, the Start Network ran a workshop for members of its decision making group, set up to enable fast and consistent decision making for crises alerted to the Start Fund in Kenya and the surrounding region.

When the Start Fund is activated for a crisis, members of the Start Network have 24 hours to submit project proposals. A project selection group is then convened in-country with representatives from Start Network member agencies, who review and select projects collectively. Representatives are usually chosen within that short timeframe and brought together for that single meeting.

In order to allow for fast, consistent and robust decision making in countries with a high frequency of crises, the Start Network is creating in-country decision making groups. Participants in these groups form a roster of Network representatives in country that can be quickly convened to select projects.  This will allow for fast and consistent decision making, while also encouraging collaboration and innovation.

The group set up in Kenya is the second decision making group following a pilot group set up in Nigeria in 2015. Workshops will also be hosted over the next 6 months in the following countries:

  • Islamabad, Pakistan (March)
  • Jakarta, Indonesia (April)
  • Dakar, Senegal (April)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (May)
  • Yaoundé, Cameroon (June)
  • La Paz, Bolivia (June)
  • Goma, DRC (July)
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh (TBC)

The decision making groups have been created in line with the Start Network vision for a decentralised humanitarians system, where decisions are made as close as possible to where the crises takes place.

Carolyne Kanaiza, International Rescue Committee Regional Office - Nairobi, was nominated as the group lead.

For more information, please contact Kat Reichel at

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