Message from Sean Lowrie, Director, Start Network

We are 39 aid agencies from across five continents with a shared belief that the current system of humanitarian aid is not fit for purpose. Our vision is to transform that system - and we are leading by example. Through our growing network and with the support of our members and our donors, we are finding new ways to deliver aid, more quickly and efficiently - sometimes long before a crisis takes hold.

We make swift decisions ourselves, using our shared expertise, not waiting for others to make up their minds. We’re developing new and more collaborative ways for aid agencies at all levels to work together, on designing and delivering the most effective forms of humanitarian help.

We’re exploring innovative financial solutions that could release funds sooner while also taking the politics out of aid. And we’re engaging with local communities, those directly affected by crisis, and empowering them to help themselves - setting up new kinds of support and information systems, and developing a new generation of humanitarians.

The number of people affected by humanitarian crises has doubled over the past decade, and the world needs to rethink radically how it helps them. We face a critical moment, but at Start Network we are optimistic. We’re not just dreaming of a better future, we are beginning to deliver it.

Sean Lowrie