Dynamic Risk Monitors

Dynamic Risk Monitors are tools to monitor live hazard risk information from key local, national, and international data sources.

The monitors have been designed to be user-friendly, with the intention they can be used as part of anticipating crises that will lead to humanitarian impacts. In particular, the monitors could support members in observing hazards so they can raise a Start Fund Crisis Anticipation alert or to review and compare Disaster Risk Financing model outputs.


The dynamic risk monitors include an explanation of how to use them, a headline risk warning for each hazard, relevant maps to display risks, a variety of dynamic risk data sources, live news feeds, useful contacts for further data collection, and a summary of the data sources.


Currently, the monitors cover six countries and up to six hazards per country as prioritised by the Start Network members in each of the countries. In the future, Start Network intends to extend the dynamic risk monitors to other locations and to improve the existing monitors with greater detail and a better user experience.


For more information on dynamic risk monitors please contact anticipation@startprogrammes.org.