832 Mexico (Drought)


Alert cycle

03 Jun 24

Crisis start

18 Jun 24, 15:00


Alert summary: Drought

£200,000 Recommended amount

Alert type: Response

19 Jun 24, 17:00

Allocation decision

Decision summary: The allocation committee unanimously decided to activate the alert for the requested amount of £200,000. They considered the crisis to fit the Start Fund niche and felt funding would fill a…

£200,000Allocation amount

Decision making committee: Start Fund Committee

21 Jun 24, 17:30

Project selection

Meeting summary: At the start of the discussion, the committee raised concerns about the relevance of the proposed activities, given the changing context in Mexico, which has seen a period of heavy rain since this…

£200,000 Total amount

Agencies funded: World Vision

Projects & reporting

Agencies funded: World Vision


832_World Vision

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