Start Ready Handbook

Start Ready provides predictable funding to national networks of members. Because of this, it is suited best to risks that are statistically predictable. These include hazards and risks which follow a pattern of recurrence and magnitude in any given area. These risks are typically either hydro meteorological risks, such as cyclones, droughts, river floods etc, or geological hazards, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (albeit the latter are with very short lead times).

Start Ready builds on Start Network’s experience in developing locally led disaster risk financing (DRF) systems that enable frontline humanitarians to access early, pre-positioned funds. Start Ready will support NGOs in collectively analysing and quantifying crisis risks, setting thresholds for disbursement and activation, pre-agreeing plans, and pre-arranging funding ahead of crisis events.

Start Ready pre-positions funding for crises that happen with regular patterns of recurrence (like floods, droughts and heatwaves) and for which it is possible to credibly model when and where they are likely to occur, how frequently and with what impact on the most vulnerable communities. Our evidence suggests that around 55% of humanitarian funding goes to crises like these that are somewhat predictable, and yet only 1% of this funding is organised in advance. In the face of escalating climate emergencies, it is both possible and necessary to prepare systems and funding in advance, to ensure more timely, effective and efficient.