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Start Ready Risk Pool 1 Summary Report

In the first Start Ready risk pool, Start Network provided protection to 590,019 people in 8 countries, from 10 climate risks. Over the course of 12 months, Start Ready was activated 8 times.

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Start Ready Risk Pool 2 Structuring Report

This report summarises the structuring of funding for the second Start Ready risk pool, outlining how the financing mechanism is allocating and prepositioning funding for the various risks. It provides an overview of the governance and…

Guidance Document

Start Ready Handbook

Start Ready provides predictable funding to national networks of members. Because of this, it is suited best to risks that are statistically predictable. These include hazards and risks which follow a pattern of recurrence and magnitude in any given…

Guidance Document

Start Ready FAQs

Start Ready–a new financing mechanism of the Start Network which launched in November 2021 – provides funding at scale for predictable crises worldwide.

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Start Ready - How it works

Start Ready builds on the Start Network’s experience in developing locally led systems that enable frontline humanitarians to access early, predictable disaster risk finance.