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Learn at the 2018 Assembly: Fundraising

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The Start Network Assembly is the network's highest governing body, made up of representatives from each member agency. The Assembly is taking place this week in Bonn, Germany, kindly hosted by Network member Welthungerhilfe.

The Assembly is an opportunity to come together to learn how the network has progressed over the past six months; build on the learning to tackle shared challenges, and make decisions on the Network’s future and strategic direction.

Below is the learn presentation for fundraising.


Fundraising for the Start Fund

We want to reach more people in crisis by the Start Fund during the course of the next three years; to do so, we plan to increase the size of the fund from its previous £10 million per year to £20 million by 2020. 

To turn this into a reality we encourage existing donors to consider increasing their contributions and in turn with the support of our members and key NGOs we want to attract non traditional donors to join the Start Fund.  As we investigate opportunities for new funding beyond traditional donors, we will need to think about due diligence on donors. 

We have a set of ethical principles for donors and are developing a donor screening process in which the final decision on any controversial donor/donation would be made by the Start Network board.

By having a clear due diligence process in place to apply to all donations, this should enable members to be satisfied with the mix of donor funding which makes up the Start Fund.

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  • by Amrina Rana