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Localising humanitarian financing

  • 18 May 17

Blog Post

Start Network's Commitment

By 2017, at least two Start Network hubs will have been formed, and with one national Start Fund under development.

Meeting our commitment

In 2016, the Start Fund  created 12 national standing decision making groups. With these standing decision making groups, the Start Fund has moved to a decentralised model, where all project selection decisions are taken by people closest to affected areas. Colleagues from partner organisations are included in this model.

In June 2017, the Start Fund will release the management response to an independent baseline review of its efforts on localisation. The response will include specific commitments to putting equitable partnerships at the heart of Start Fund operations, and to redirect the large part of the 10% management fee to partner organisations. 

In early 2017, the Start Fund launched its first national model in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh fund is in the process of designing the principles and processes that will help it deliver its localisation promise. Over the course of four years, the locally owned fund will devolve decision making and access to funding to the national and local level. This pilot will form the foundation from where the Start Network will explore how to create stronger collaborative networks and hubs.

Building on the learnings from Bangladesh, the Start Network will explore creating a network of national hubs. The selection and design of those hubs will be led by national and local decision makers.

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