10 years of Start Network driving change in humanitarian aid

Start Network was formed in 2010, then known as the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies (CBHA). In 2020 we are proud to celebrate the change our network has delivered in the past 10 years.


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2020 Assembly and 10-year anniversary



The Assembly affords the unique opportunity to the network's members and stakeholders to come together, take stock of our learning and progress, and propel us forward in our collective vision.


It has three distinct components:


  • exchanging information and exploring how we have made progress (LEARN);
  • generating solutions to strategic challenges (BUILD),
  • and the annual general meeting of the members to make key governance decisions (DECIDE).


This year we will hold our first ever fully virtual Assembly meeting. We will also use the opportunity to celebrate Start Network's 10-year anniversary, and the change-makers that have made the network what it is today.


Week schedule

We are planning a series of virtual sessions and events over a 4-day period. In addition to the usual sessions and AGM, there will also be events relating to Start Network's 10-year anniversary, announcing and celebrating change-makers from across the network.  



The list of BUILD workshop topics will be announced soon, so that members may register for the ones they are interested in attending.


How to get involved

Please register your interest through the form below.


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For more information, please contact info@startnetwork.org.

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