Start Ready Training

Start Network works to create knowledge and skills that allow for the self-initiation, design, build, and management of country disaster risk financing systems.

Start Network is committed to upskilling the capacities of its members and their local partners to ensure more empowerment is achieved. This is done through a range of training courses and capacity development initiatives offered to members and local partners to enhance the quality of support provided through Start Fund and Start Ready. To do so, the Crisis Anticipation and Risk Financing department has developed its capacity development strategy plan that shows the Theory of Change intended to be achieved through the capacity development programme.


The capacity development programme offers various sets of activities such as training courses, coaching, seminars and training of trainers. These activities can be customised for a particular context/region or general overview through a variety of formats including online sessions, in person, or Massive Open Online Courses.



Supported topics:


1. General awareness on anticipation action and Disaster Risk Financing (DRF)

2. General Knowledge sharing on Start Networks Building Blocks framework

3. Advanced technical trainings on:

  • DRF strategy development

  • Monitoring, Learning and Quality of anticipatory and DRF systems

  • Contingency planning process

  • Risk Analytics and statistical modelling

  • Collaboration among members and development of SOPs

  • Risk financing streams

4. Coaching on DRF system development and management

5. ToT to have local practitioners




Available e-courses:



       Introduction to Disaster Risk Financing: this e-course builds Start Network members’ understanding of the Start Ready's Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) proactive approach to predictable triggered funding at scale for foreseeable crises, using innovative risk analysis, collective planning, scientific modelling, and pre-positioned financing.




         Crisis Anticipation and Action: this e-course provides an essential introduction to crisis anticipation for Start Network members.






         DRF - Contingency planningcovers the first pillar of the Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) approach.






DRF - Risk modelling: will be ready by end of 2022

DRF - Financing and risk pooling: will be ready by end of 2022

DRF - Quality & performance: will be ready by Mid 2022


These e-courses are available free of charge through the Kaya platform. 



Building Blocks

Resource sharing:

One of the methods to enhance the capacity is to share available resources, tools, and experiences among the members. To do so there are various sources within Start Network that are divided according to the relevant financial instruments:


Start Ready Building Blocks Framework: An innovative learning and resource framework to support organisations to develop coordinated national preparedness systems which can access predictable disaster risk financing.


The resource framework includes brief summaries on Start Ready to help you understand more about Disaster Risk Financing within Start Network;

  • “How to use the Building Blocks Resource Bank” guide to make yourself familiar with understanding the Building Block framework glossary, terminologies, symbols and icons;
  • A “Building Blocks lite” document gives a brief overview of the whole framework alongside a useful video, and a detailed guide for each block to identify the steps involved, and outcomes needed, in the development of a technically viable system.


This website is a virtual library of templates, tools, guides, training materials and completed examples and learning reports. Access the resource framework here.


To access the Building Blocks or for any other enquiries please email including “Building Blocks” at the beginning of the email subject.



Customised DRF training:


Start Network can provide a customised session, course or any capacity development activity that will enhance the knowledge of its members and local partners on Start Ready either for a particular context or for a general global one. Members can reach the team directly for such events.



Who to contact?


To request a customised capacity development event or if you are facing any challenges with the available e-courses please contact us at: