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Start Network is developing a new form of membership that will enable a wider range of organisations to join us on our journey to transform the humanitarian sector. This year we will be admitting organisations to a planned network of in-country “hubs”. If you are interested in working with the Network, or in applying for membership through a hub, please read more below.

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Start Network Hubs

What is a Hub?

The Start Network has proven that faster, collective and more efficient ways to help people in need are not only necessary, but possible. We now want to take these to scale, shifting more power and resources to those closest to humanitarian crises.


To achieve that, Start Network needs to change its model and evolve from the largely centralised entity it is today, to a dispersed, international network of Start Network “hubs”.


These will be collectives of local, national, and international organisations operating in the same country or region, which will control their own resources and define their own responses to crises affecting their communities, united by a shared purpose and common standards.


Read more about our vision for the future of Start Network or watch the video in English, Spanish, French.


Hub membership

How to apply

The Start Network is opening up the option of hub-based membership to organisations based in countries where international humanitarian aid work is undertaken (as defined by the DAC list of countries eligible for Official Development Assistance or ODA).


We are issuing a call for expressions of interest (EOIs) from varying stakeholders, in order to gauge which organisations might take part and where they might do so.


Collectives of organisations selected through this EOI process will move into a “pre-hub” transitional stage, and eventually gain full hub status once they pass certain thresholds. These “pre-hubs” will have limited direct access to Start Network products (such as the global Start Fund) until they transition to full hubs. 


Collectives of organisations operating in countries not eligible for ODA (such as the UK or US) may be accepted into the Network if they can commit to bringing resources into the global Start Fund.


Complete the EOI Survey or read more in the full Expression of Interest document. The document is also availble in Spanish, French, Arabic and Urdu.


Application for hub membership

What happens next

  1. 1. 31 April 2018: Expression of interest closes
  2. 2. By September 2018: Shortlisted members sign a pre-licensing agreement to receive “pre-hub” status
  3. 3. By end of 2018: “Pre-hub” members undergo due diligence if required
  4. 4. Early 2019 onwards: “Pre-hubs” develop a business case and secure funding for their hub.
  5. 5. 2019: “Pre-hubs” that have passed the above thresholds transition to paying licensing fees

Hub membership


We are particularly seeking expressions of interest in joining hubs from organisations that have a pre-existing relationships with us (e.g. any organisation/network that has received Start Network funding, new members and current members.


New members can be NGO, for-profit, academic institution, or second-line service provider and will be expected to:

  • - Commit to humanitarian principles and charter, and a mission to improve the lives of vulnerable people (e.g. CHS, UN Global Compact)
  • - Be willing to contribute to establishing a hub in a national context
  • - Commit to a measurable investment in the Start Network’s vision subject to peer review
  • - Commit to systematic data collection, analysis and communication to aid mutual learning
  • - Meet the Start Network’s due diligence standards (currently being revised)
  • - Be willing to sign the Start Network legal agreement (affiliate Memorandum of Understanding or Network agreement).


For any questions on the survey or process, please contact Antigone Mathianaki.


José-Luis Barreiro García, ACF Country Director Colombia

  • What our members say
  • José-Luis Barreiro García, ACF Country Director Colombia

“We are modelling a new way of how to respond to emergencies. And we are demonstrating that we are better, we are faster than other funds, like country based humanitarian funds. The [Start] Fund demonstrates that we can start activities within one week and no other donor, at this moment, is able to do that in this kind of emergency. Another way of doing things is possible.” Speaking about the Start Fund and its response to the Columbia oil spill.


Expression of Interest

We are inviting organisations belonging to the various stakeholder groups to express interest in joining or supporting the creation of Start Network hubs, through a simple survey. This is not itself an application for membership, but a necessary first step: if new organisations express interest in joining we will contact you again as our plans evolve, and no later than September 2018. The deadline for completing this survey is 30 April 2018.

Express your interest in joining a Start Network Hub through this survey

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