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Start Network Member Due Diligence

All organisations admitted to the Start Network membership go through a robust due diligence process.  This process ensures that our members have in place suitable policies, procedures and controls based on internationally agreed standards that meet the requirements of Start Network membership and donor policies. This includes assessment of potential risks across key areas of organisational management, such as governance and financial stability, safeguarding approach to the needs of staff and communities, our member organisations work for, as well as the ability to prevent all forms of fraud, bribery, corruption and terrorism financing. This process is repeated every three years, to ensure that organisations still meet the required standards.



Tiered Due Diligence of Prospective Members

The membership of the Start Network is currently predominantly composed of international humanitarian organisations. With its commitment to localisation, the Network envisions to take in more local and national organisations into the membership, fundamentally altering its existing membership profile. As a critical step toward opening up the membership, the Network needs to re-imagine its due diligence framework.  


The Start Network’s current due diligence process is quite robust, but this also acts as a barrier to entry for ‘smaller’ organisations. In order to enable the Network to bring in more local organisations as members, the Network is developing a tiered due diligence framework, moving away from a ‘pass/fail’ model in favour of a more ‘risk-based’ tiered membership model. Members gain access to varying portfolios of Start Network products and services depending on their tier. The Network is currently piloting a new framework this year with 10 new local and national members.