A network of risk analysts

FOREWARN represents a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder network of aid professionals, academics and risk experts, which uses robust academic expertise to support operationally-sound anticipatory decision making.

Image: Pixabay


The Forecast-based Warning, Analysis and Response Network

The Forecast-based Warning, Analysis and Response Network (FOREWARN) was set up in April 2016 connecting forecasters and humanitarians to enable earlier humanitarian action.


Since its beginnings FOREWARN has grown into a community that not only advises the Start Fund’s Crisis Anticipation Window, but also monitors risks globally, provides technical advice on specific hazards and the mitigation of predictable disasters, and promotes policies that favour pre-emptive humanitarian action.


Today FOREWARN comprises scientists from many disciplines (such as hazard modelling and behavioural economics) as well as humanitarians (including preparedness and food security advisors) working for Start Network members, the UN, academic institutions, the Red Cross Movement and institutional donors.


Looking ahead, FOREWARN will continue to grow, as well as decentralise – connecting forecasters, scientists, risk analysts and humanitarian decision-makers at national and regional levels so that they are closer to the hazards and threats that they are trying to pre-empt.

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