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FOREWARN Bangladesh introduces the country’s 2nd Hackathon on Disaster, striving to inspire young minds to build solutions, expand their knowledge horizons, and innovate on humanitarian challenges using open-source data and technologies.

FOREWARN Bangladesh strives to adapt and extend the Global FOREWARN expert groups to a country-specific context, resulting in the formation of a national community of experts who will be able to draw on all available resources, relationships, and expertise as they develop the structure and tools required to support forecast-based early action and its decision-making needs in Bangladesh. FOREWARN has been working with researchers, academia, sectoral experts, and practitioners to understand risks associated with disaster, risk predictability and how to use risk information as well as forecasting together to take actions ahead of predictable disasters.

To expand our horizons, build on the knowledge we possess and bring more state-of-the-art technological and innovative solutions to the humanitarian sector, FOREWARN Bangladesh is hosting a Hackathon on Disaster in Bangladesh for a second time in 2024 in the technical partnership with Open Mapping Hub Asia-Pacific, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and YouthMappers.

The Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific (AP Hub) was established to advance the open mapping movement in the Asia-Pacific region. By prioritising local mapping organisations and communities, facilitating knowledge exchange, distributing funding, and providing training and support, AP Hub is focusing efforts to work with local organisations and communities to drive high-quality, ethical, local data use cases.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a comprehensive, freely accessible geographic database, regularly updated and nurtured by a devoted community of volunteers, fostering open collaboration. Participants of the hackathon can utilise open-source to develop their innovative solutions. We will be providing mentorship and support to the participants including access to an online learning module designed to give an understanding of OSM data and different tools and technologies within the OpenStreetMap mapping ecosystem.

Join Disaster Hackathon 2.0 in Bangladesh


We are calling out to individuals interested in bringing innovative solutions and technological development to the humanitarian cause, and we believe that innovation and technology can be the answer to the risks raised by natural disasters.

You can be a university student or a graduate from any discipline devoted to mitigating the suffering of people affected by disaster, climate change, and environmental hazards. Build a team consisting of like-minded 3-5 individuals from relevant departments or fields of expertise and participate in the Disaster Hackathon 2.0.



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CREATE (29 MAY - 30 JUNE 2024)

Build the conceptual framework and present your solution to the challenge you chose in a 2-minute video. You will have an additional 1 minute for your team Introduction.

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Review your idea with relevant stakeholders on whether the proposed solution is realistic, interesting, and efficient. You can seek guidance from our mentors through virtual sessions. Submit the feasibility and methodology of your solution in written format.

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The best teams will attend a 4-day residential workshop where they will get the chance to be mentored in person and cultivate the prototype at an advanced level. The top 3 teams will be selected by the jury board after prototype presentation.


Focus on specific hazards, such as developing an early warning system for flash floods, storm surges etc.

Use of machine learning to analyse historical data and climate models to predict different events (like heatwaves, droughts, floods).

  1. Developing communication tools for specific populations. / Community specific solution.
  2. Building trust and reducing misinformation in crisis situations.
  1. Development of a blockchain-based system for tracking the distribution aids.
  2. Designing a platform that facilitates communication and collaboration between different stakeholders involved in disaster management.
  1. Optimising logistics for delivering essential supplies to remote areas for a better & easier access to the community.
  2. Reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the disaster response process.
  1. Developing real-time maps of infrastructure damage.
  2. Creating interactive maps to guide emergency responders and evacuees.
  1. Building a mobile app for reporting damage and requesting assistance.
  2. Developing a platform for collecting and verifying information from social media.
  1. Training community members to collect data on predictable hazards.
  2. Developing tools to empower communities to prepare for and respond to disasters.
  1. Using data analytics to predict the spread of disease after a disaster.
  2. Developing machine learning models to optimise resource allocation during disasters.

Any other unique ideas that you feel important but are not in the list will be assessed to get qualified for the next level.


If you are interested in investing your technical and technological skills and probing humanitarian mindset to help tackle disasters and create a solution to climatic disasters, apply now to FOREWARN Disaster Hackathon 2.0.
Experience the journey of innovative exploration as you embark on humanitarian action!

Access the registration form here


For more information, please contact the FOREWARN Bangladesh team.
WhatsApp: +8801996853733.


Read more about Disaster Hackathon 1.0 Milestones

FOREWARN Disaster Hackathon 1.0 was a major milestone in the efforts to inspire and foster innovative, last-mile solutions to disaster risk management in Bangladesh. The conference held on October 5, 2023, brought together the growing network of forecasters, analysts and practitioners who work collaboratively to address humanitarian challenges.
The solutions that emerged from the hackathon were honoured for their brilliance at the FOREWARN Annual Conference and Disaster Hackathon 1.0 Awards Ceremony.

FOREWARN Bangladesh connects with multidisciplinary experts and humanitarian organisations to address critical challenges…

The Forecast-based, Warning, Analysis, and Response Network driving early action together.