280 Guatemala (displacement)


  • Country: Guatemala

  • Crisis cause: Conflict

  • Crisis type: Sociological


Alert cycle

23 Oct 18

Crisis start

29 Oct 18, 17:28


Alert summary: displacement

Alert type: Response

30 Oct 18, 17:50

Allocation decision

Decision summary: THIS IS NOW A COMBINED REGIONAL ALERT - for both MEXICO AND GUATEMALA - the amount available is £200,000 for both countries (not separate) Yesterday, due to the large number of people on the move…

£300,000Allocation amount

Decision making committee: Start Fund Committee

01 Nov 18, 17:00

Project selection

Meeting summary: Participants met from both Mexico and Guatemala to review proposals for this now combined regional alert. Agencies reviewed proposals for individual countries, as well as a proposal for both…

Agencies funded:

Projects & reporting

Agencies funded:


280 Guatemala (displacement)_World Vision
280 Guatemala (displacement)_Oxfam

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