2024 Start Fund Impact Report

As a fund exclusively led and managed by civil society, the Start Fund has changed the ways in which aid has been allocated and disbursed, ensuring that humanitarian action is better
accountable to those affected and at risk.

Since its launch in 2014, the Start Fund has grown into a £25 million annual fund, reaching over 26 million people across 76 countries to date. Whilst the mechanism was previously accessed solely by international actors, in 2023 the majority of Start Fund projects were implemented in partnership with local and national NGOs. Consequently, over the past ten years, the Start Fund has become a more accessible and equitable funding mechanism, catering to a growing network of local and national members that has shifted the way humanitarian aid is delivered. As the nature of humanitarian crises have become increasingly driven by climate change, the Start Fund, with an average disbursement time of 68 hours, has ensured members are able to

respond to crises timely and efficiently. Operating as a pooled fund, the Start Fund has also provided a moreefficient means to finance humanitarian crises, ensuring that those affected by crises overlooked by the wider humanitarian system, receive the necessary aid and support.